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I cry over Louis Tomlinson. Melisa. Arg. {Some Supernatural, a lot of Larry and 1D.
Keep 5sos away from me because I can't deal with more pain}

The fans.. call me and Louis, Larry Stylinson because we get on really well. Since we started in the X Factor house, me and Louis had always said that we wanted to move in together.. and that was pretty much it, it just kind of happened.” 

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i don’t care about harry riding motorcycles i only care about harry riding dick

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ok so if someone tells me larry is not real i won’t make a big deal i will just say things like “matching tattos” or “even as young as you are? *both look at each other*” “yes” or “his curls or his smell” or “harry are you good with hands?” “really good” or even better “since we started at the x factor house, me and louis always said we wanted to move in together” 

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Harry_Styles I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair.

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AU: Louis is a spy. Harry is his handler. Workplace relationships are complicated enough as it is.

“Copy that, babycakes.”

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fan fiction more like man friction

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Friendly reminder

i’m seeing the boys in two weeks i can’t believe it

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wow supernatural do you think you could fit just a little bit more symbolism in there, I don’t think we quite caught that.

Dean Winchester made an angel fall.

in every way possible

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ben winston directed the wellington video

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